Meet the Family

West Coast Diesels is a family, a company built by brothers and in return welcomes new family as our business grows. Working with family is not always easy and running a small business is sometimes downright crazy, but we always have each other’s backs.


Tom Wallace: The OG of West Coast Diesels, he was on the track at 18 years old with his 2005 Dodge 2500 5.9. Before he knew how to work on cars and trucks, he was disassembling tonka trucks and putting them back together in new ways. As a kid, his nickname was “Sid” from the movie Toy Story. If you have never seen the movie, Sid took apart all his toys and reassembled them in very creative ways. Since then he has come a long way in the diesel game, from driveway mechanic to owner of West Coast Diesels. Hard work does pays off… with more hard work, but it is what he enjoys. You will often catch him at the shop after hours working on all manners of trucks and vehicles.


Travis Coleman: Partner and personality of West Coast Diesels, Travis (Tre) is well spoken and helps West Coast Diesels through the harder to solve challenges small businesses deal with. He has a passion for motors and is always looking to stay on the cutting edge of diesel parts. If you remember the lifted 4th Gen Dodge Ram with custom bumpers, headlights, under glow lights, etc. that was Travis’s personal design. If you need an eye for your truck, talk to Travis and he can set you up right.


Bill Wallace: The last partner of West Coast Diesels, he is the finance major and business end of the company. He just started college when he saw Tom at the Ukiah Tractor Pulls and became hooked on the power of diesels. It was then he decided to help Tom (brother) turn West Coast Diesels into a company. Fast forward a few years, add a lot of blood, sweat and tears and you have what West Coast Diesels is today.


Tucker White: Everyone should have a Tucker White, he is a great mechanic and always takes the initiative. Tucker is a self-taught mechanic, bullet proofing his own 6.0 Powerstroke in his driveway. He has extensive experience in marine, diesel and auto mechanics. Tucker is the proud dog daddy of Axle and Jamo, our two OG shop pups. We love our shop dogs. Tucker is the kind of guy that will tell you what is on his mind and is never afraid to stand up when something isn’t right, that is what we respect and that is our Tucker White.


Austin Lindsay: A former NAPA auto parts employee turned into diesel mechanic extraordinaire. He loves his 2002 LB7 Duramax and is probably the best guy around to fix your Duramax. Austin is just an all around good guy, he is there to help when someone is in need and will always have your back. Austin welcomed his new pup Maverick to the family, and he is at the shop almost every day. He is a good pup and is probably the gentlest of all the dogs.


John Sakai: Our newest mechanic, (not so new anymore) John has learned quicker than anyone when it comes to working on diesels. When John came into our shop, we had to haze him a bit, but he quickly became part of the family. He is the right attitude that we often see lacking in young adults. He is also one of the more outgoing members of West Coast Diesels, stop by the shop after hours and he will keep you entertained while sipping a cold brew. We are happy to have John and are excited to see his mechanic skills develop.


Jena Moseley: Our newest member to West Coast Diesels and newest service writer, come by and meet her – you will not be disappointed. She is the heartbeat of the front stage of West Coast Diesels, she keeps us older guys in check and organized. Jena hails from New Mexico and moved out to California a few years ago. We are very glad she did, she has become an integral part of West Coast Diesels and I don’t know what we would do without her.


Nate Burgstahler: The one and only Nate Burgstahler aka Snake Bites, he keeps our shop clean and organized. He is last on this list, but definitely not the least. We wouldn’t have our shop looking as professional without Nate working tirelessly to keep it so. We appreciate everything he does here at West Coast Diesels and for you ladies out there, my man Nate is single!


Conclusion: We still have a long way to go and plan to take West Coast Diesels beyond your average repair shop. We will keep working together to make West Coast Diesels bigger, better, and stronger. Please stay tuned for West Coast Diesels news and updates right here at  Don't forget Axle the shop dog, @axletheshopdog!